It’s awards season… wedding awards season and JH Music is part of it!

JH Music has entered the Bridebook wedding awards 2019. These awards focus on weddings that took place during 2018, giving me the perfect opportunity to look back and reflect on what a fabulous year 2018 has been. I’ve been fortunate to play at some truly outstanding and memorable weddings. In fact, I think 2018 might possibly have been my best year yet!

The JH Music wedding season began in April with the first of two particularly special ones for me  in 2018. Not only was I an usher at the wedding of my best friends, Catherine and James, but I was their chosen solo musician too. It was a real honour to play as Catherine walked down the aisle, a deeply personal experience. 

A month later saw me travel further afield to Rhys & Polly’s wedding in Marrakech. Being able to perform on a roof top on a gorgeous day whilst Polly walked down the aisle was magical. As the guests gathered around me at the end of my final set singing along to everything I was playing, I had a real “pinch me” moment!

Another magical day was the drinks reception where I played on a boat cruise down the River Thames in June. It was one of those days where all the stars align: not only did the guests really enjoy the music, but the weather was amazing. You couldn’t have asked for a better day.

I was then best man and musician for my brother Andy and Emma’s wedding towards the end of June. Performing their first dance will always hold a very special place in my heart.

JH Music Andy & Emma Wedding

Photo taken by Tom Hampson Photography

In September I experienced the unexpected! I turned up expecting to play a background wedding breakfast set. After the groom announced my performance, everyone watched intently as I performed my original song ‘Windchime’, which was the perfect opener to them singing along to everything I played and set the scene for the day.

It was an electric atmosphere, one of those memorable occasions that cements why being part of a wedding and creating that perfect vibe for a couple on their special day is such a thrill.

It’s been a spectacular year, one that 2019 might struggle to beat… but winning a Bridebook wedding award would be an excellent start!

What are the Bridebook wedding awards?

The Bridebook wedding awards exist to celebrate and honour incredible wedding industry professionals right across the UK, those who go above and beyond the expected to deliver the exceptional.

Voted for by those who’ve experienced their service first hand, they’re a true reflection of the quality of the service provided and just how happy the clients and their guests were with the end result. The Bridebook Wedding Awards are the only awards that give both couples and suppliers a say. Nobody’s better qualified to judge what you do than those you work with every day!

Winners receive a prestigious Certificate of Excellence in their relevant category. 

Who can vote?

Anyone who’s been part of the JH Music experience at a wedding this year can vote – the wedding couple themselves, their parents & other family members, all other guests and even suppliers. Only 2018 weddings apply. 

Certificate holders and the overall Winners will be announced on 10 January 2019.

How can you vote?

The process is really simple – and is fully verified to ensure that it’s all above board and official. This is one of the reasons why they mean so much – they’re voted for by the people who count.

Bridebook Awards 2019

All you need to do is visit my Bridebook page here, and click on the “Add a review” button. You’ll just need to leave some basic details such as name and email address, as well as the date of the wedding you’re reviewing. You’ll be able to rate your experience and leave a message, which is the perfect opportunity for you to describe the day.

The review will then be verified and posted within 24 hours.

The deadline is…. 14 December!

Yes folks, that’s the last date on which you can submit your review so there’s not much time left! I’d be so grateful if you could take the time to leave your feedback and leave me in with a chance to win an award.

It’s wonderful to be recognised for your work – my fantastic experience as a national winner in the wedding industry awards in 2015 was the first taste of it and it feels very special.

Thanks for taking the time. Watch this space for the results…!


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