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JH at Oaks Farm (Photo by Pebble Heaven Photography)

There’s nothing more spine-tingling than live music at a wedding, don’t you think? But how do you go about booking a wedding musician?

The right artist adds this extra layer of marvellousness to your big day, creating the atmosphere you’re after, completely tailored and individual to you while making your day utterly unforgettable for your guests.

You will treasure the memories and how they have made you feel that day forever.

Hi – I’m JH (aka. Jon Hart) – an award-winning solo artist who has performed at hundreds of weddings here in the UK and abroad.

I am a fingerstyle guitarist, singer, beatboxer and looper all in one. Imagine the sound of a live acoustic duo / trio played solo at your wedding…

Here are my top wedding musician booking tips to find the right solo musician for your wedding or event.

Start with the vibe in mind

There are a wide range of wedding entertainers to choose from, depending on the feel you’d like to create for your big day. The solo musician you pick should be able to provide music tailored to you to achieve whatever mood you choose. What do you want your event to ‘feel’ like?


When would you like your chosen artist to play?

While it might be tricky for a DJ or a big 5 piece band to move around, a solo artist can accompany you down the aisle, create a beautiful atmosphere at your drinks reception or set the party atmosphere in the early evening.


Before you go any further, look into what you can afford in your budget.

    Do your research

    Start by watching promo videos

    Ideally go and see a live performance. Ask them about any upcoming gigs or wedding exhibitions they will be performing at. Videos can sometimes be deceiving and this might leave you disappointed on the day.

    Experience – how much experience does your musician have for your type of event? A talented, professional and experienced solo artist will have performed countless times before and will therefore be able to read the mood of the audience and know when to slow things down or pick things up to create the best possible atmosphere for your guests.

    Check their Awards, reviews and testimonials – don’t just take a glossy website as proof. It is very easy nowadays to find independent reviews on Google, Facebook and comments on Twitter and Instagram. ALL good acts are present on social media. Be very wary if you come across someone who isn’t – what are they trying to hide?

    Don’t settle for the first act you find on the basis of a glossy website.

    Communication is key 

    Chat to your preferred artists about your expectations and requirements for your special day to make sure they are a good match.

    Your venue

    Do they allow live music? Very few venues don’t, but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

    Is the act you have selected available to travel to your chosen venue?

    What are the volume restrictions (if any)? Are any of your guests volume sensitive? Your solo musician can adapt their volume to your requirements.

    How big is your venue? It’s worth considering the space available at your wedding venue before booking an artist so you can be sure they will fit in comfortably alongside your chosen number of guests.

    Inside / outside – is part of your event outside?

    Boring but crucial – make sure your act holds public liability insurance and ask if their electrical equipment is certified – most venues will check this before allowing them to play.

    Song requests

    Any solo musician will have a repertoire of songs for you to choose from (mine is here). Do not hesitate to cut some out of the list to avoid embarrassing moments when you and your ex’s favourite song is played!!

    From your preferred genres or musical style, they will put together a full list for your event.

    Do you require a special song played for your first dance? Last song of the evening? Ask your solo musician if they are willing to learn especially for you.


    I cannot stress how important this is. A talented, professional and experienced wedding solo musician will be booked up months, if not years in advance. Book early to avoid disappointment.

    I hope I’ve answered some of your questions and given you enough tips about booking a solo musician for your wedding.

    Happy planning!



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